Monday, 28 May 2007

Who Is David Bowie?

“So who is this David Bowie, then” asked pater one day
As we communicated via telepathy over a bourbon biscuit.
“He sang songs about spacemen, laughing gnomes and
Ziggy Stardust” I explained
As pater decided that dunking was something bad
and didn’t risk it.

“So his contribution is mainly lyrical?” questioned pater
Over a large herbal tea and some custard creams.
“He also plays saxophone, guitar and keyboards” defended I
As pater resumed his holy trinity jigsaw and mater mended
my trouser seams.

“So this David Bowie has made a worthwhile contribution to society?” determined pater
As I hurriedly drew a close to my communications with
Elvis, the King.
“Certainly pater. His use of harmonies and wind instruments
in modern pop is highly regarded”,
And with that pater called his hired assassin and cancelled
the contract stating this such thing.

(c) 2007, Neil Gardner

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