Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Inside The Golden Fleece

“Reporting live from the poop deck
Of the leading ship of the fleet,
I see before us a disturbing wreck
And the rocks upon which it did meet.”

“We’re here live with the Captain,
Jason, tell us how you are feeling
As the crew calls for us to return
Does this change in events leave you reeling?”

“You join us now at an exciting time
As the crew is fighting some skeletons
I see Jason attempting his crime
He’s stolen the fleece and off he runs!”

“Before we leave I’d just like to say
What a pleasure it’s been to here this week
Jason’s kindly agreed that he’ll play
A drum solo on the skull of a Greek!”

“This is Bobocles reporting for Mythological News Today.”

(c) 2007, Neil Gardner

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