Friday, 8 June 2007

The Story of the Mis-Named Geoff

He began his life as a wee small baby boy
Born first, then named later by the vicar
His parents, a nice couple, named Susan and Roy
Were uncertain of what to choose as his moniker

“Should it be Arnold, Raymond or Sam” they asked
Their friends, strangers on busses and passers-by
“Or maybe Roger or Kevin, or something that will last”
But decide they couldn’t, and the days would just fly

Eventually a name for the wee small boy was chosen
They did so by using some thought and a hat
A selection of nom de plumes, in fact about a dozen
All stirred up by a rather confused old cat

So born a wee lad and now given a first name
The vicar and family in suits stared at the child’s hairy curl
And once it was over they all thought it a shame
Baby Geoff was no lad, but a wee baby girl!


(c) 2007, Neil Gardner

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