Saturday, 16 June 2007

A Gal With...

When I was at school, all I desired
Was the girl with large breasts the others admired.
I'd sit there in class, with a grin on my chops
Alone with my thoughts of her fab golden tops!

And then as the years passed, I looked deeper still,
A gal with large breasts and a "need" I could fill.
Emotional longings, and urges as well,
My gal with large breasts came out of her shell.

And then came my teen years, all acne and smells,
My gal with large breasts was a beast come from hell.
Our love grew like ulcers, all cankerous sores,
I found it a turn on to lick clean her pores.

But now we've both grown up, our urges quite tame.
I look at her breasts and she puts me to shame.
For after the teen years and some time in jail,
My gal with large breasts is actually...MALE!

(c) 2007, Neil Gardner

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