Friday, 8 June 2007

The Habit Forming Nun

Aged 16 she made a vow
To give herself to God

Aged 18 she’d bought a cow
A crotchety old sod

Aged 20 she became a nun
Her life in service to others

Aged 25 she became addicted to buns
So was birched by her sisters and brothers

Aged 30 she claimed to know Mary
Had mothered six daughters and sons

Aged 40 she recanted and rarely
Spoke again and just sat eating buns

Aged 50 the sister became Mother
Superior in all ways bar none

Aged 60 she took her first lover
But fell asleep before the deed was done

Aged 70 she lost her left arm
In an accident involving the Pope

Aged 75 she caused great alarm
When the police caught her peddling dope

Aged 80 she was released back to the convent
Withered and tired and worn out

Aged 90 she said she was finally content
Then she died with n’er a worry nor a doubt

(c) 2007, Neil Gardner

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